AE Cares forms partnership with Maydm

April 16, 2021

AE Cares establishes its first formal partnership with a local organization that is working towards equity in STEM

Madison, WI – AE Cares, the 501(c)(3) non-profit branch of AE Business Solutions, has established a partnership with Maydm. Maydm, a Madison-based 501(c)(3) non-profit, was established in 2015 to provide girls and youth of color in grades 6-12 with skill-based training for the technology sector. AE Cares will be a Community Connection sponsor of Maydm and will provide a volunteer to serve on Maydm’s Technology Advisory Council.

AE Cares and Maydm have partnered together in order to pursue their shared goal of fighting for equity and inclusivity in STEM, as well as in all aspects of our society. After forming AE Cares in the summer of 2020, three internal committees were formed to help focus the non-profit’s efforts. One of the three committees, the Racial Equality committee, began to research organizations in Wisconsin that pursue racial equity in order to form a meaningful partnership. After considering a number of organizations, Maydm was identified as the top partnership choice due to its focus on STEM education, diversity, and equality.

Since its formation in 2015 Maydm has helped provide over 1,900 students access to STEM education, over 70% of that number being students of color and over 50% being girls. Maydm not only provides students access to hands-on technical workshops, but also to mentorship programs and internship opportunities that give them insight into what a job in the technology field can look like from day to day. As a Community Connection sponsor of Maydm, AE Cares will provide not only monetary support, but mentorship and technical support as well.

“AE Cares is excited to partner with Maydm and help accelerate Maydm's vision for a world where all students can realize that a career in STEM is possible. Part of Maydm's design is to revolutionize the tech industry as students from underrepresented populations embrace STEM careers and AE Cares is committed to that same revolution. The Maydm team’s passion to see girls and youth of color pursue their dreams as entrepreneurs, developers, engineers, or professors is beautiful and we are thrilled to assist in every way we can,” said AE Cares Board Member, John Harris.

"Our team at Maydm is grateful for this new partnership with AE Cares and AE Business Solutions. As we work towards diversity and changing the face of STEM, it is vitally important that we are able to partner with corporate partners who are also committed to this work and our community. As we began the conversation with the AE Cares team, we were excited to hear their vision for how they could not only invest in the next generation of tech leaders, but also share their knowledge and experience through meaningful involvement opportunities. Together we see that it is crucial to support girls and students of color as they pursue their interests in STEM - and we are thrilled to have AE Cares as a partner in our work,” commented Winnie Karanja, Founder and Executive Director of Maydm.

AE Cares is an AE Business Solutions 501(c)(3) charitable foundation in 2020. The AE Cares mission is to give back to the local community, serve those who have sacrificed, and to speak loudly for those whose voices are unheard.

Maydm provides girls and youth of color in grades 6-12 with skill-based training for the technology sector. Maydm’s holistic approach prepares students from traditionally underrepresented populations to engage in and revolutionize the tech industries.

AE Business Solutions is a leading IT Integration and Workforce Management company serving enterprise organizations throughout the upper Midwest. The AE mission is to provide our clients with the right combination of information technology and people to deliver innovative solutions.

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