AE Cares Housing, Equity, & Race Workshop


To recognize Juneteenth this year, and continue our commitment to continued education, the AE Cares Racial Equality Committee held a workshop at Waterstone Mortgage in Pewaukee on Housing, Race, and Equity presented by Habitat for Humanity. This session provided participants the opportunity to dive deeper into how Milwaukee's local history impacts housing patterns in the city.

AE Cares learned about the current health of Milwaukee using data maps that documented various physical, mental, social, and economic indicators. Participants reviewed key federal legislation and critical local socioeconomic factors that have affected housing in Milwaukee since 1968. They also examined a historical timeline chronicling both national and local events from 1968 to 1986 to understand the roots of Milwaukee's segregated housing. Attendees were then invited to participate in group discussions on how their perceptions of the city were challenged by this new information, and how being equipped with this knowledge will impact their thinking and actions going forward.

Habitat for Humanity helped AE explore ways to promote more equitable housing and discuss actionable steps that we can take as individuals to contribute to positive change. We encourage other organizations to reach out to Habitat for Humanity Milwaukee to organize a workshop of their own.

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